Dutch Hollow
Directed By Mike Hermosa
Written By Mike Hermosa
Cast James Duval, Tess Kartel, Bobby Edner
Produced By Brad Detanna, Britton Hein, Perigil A. Ilacas Jr., Shaun LaBrie, Michael Mavrolas, Robert Parks-Valletta, Antoine Robinson, Eric Williams
Film Editing By Brian S. Nelson
Cinematography By Nathan Garofalos

Collective Vision Entertainment, Genuine Cinema, HyperShark Pictures





Release Date

October 2014 (USA)

Filming Location

Los Angeles, California, USA



  • James Duval as Patrick Lewis
  • Tess Kartel as Rita Lewis
  • Sarunas J. Jackson as Nelson
  • Bobby Edner as Asher Kingsley
  • Anthony Ray Parker as Vincent Pierce
  • Dion Basco as Kevin Aguilar
  • LaToya Tonodeo as Jasmine Pierce
  • Robbi Morgan as Margie Shaw
  • Markie Adams as Jessica Ellis
  • Robert Parks-Valletta as Doug Ellis
  • Jay Menez as CSI Agent
  • Madonna Grimes as Ms. Adams
  • John Otrin as Peter Corso
  • Alex Lowery as Denise
  • Mike Hermosa as CSI Agent #4
  • Winston Madrigal as Chief Delacroy
  • Perigil A. Ilacas Jr. as CSI Agent #1
  • Kyle Bode as Sammie
  • Darrell Akins as Damon Adams
  • Randi Leigh Borden as Erica Shaw
  • Kalyna Astrinos as News Reporter
  • Michael Mavrolas as Mav
  • Shayna Rondon as News Reporter
  • Grace Oh as Female Radio Announcer



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