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Elizabeth Olsen
Elizabeth Olsen
General Information
Birth Name Elizabeth Chase Olsen
Aliases Lizzie Olsen
Gender Female

Birth Place Sherman Oaks, California
Birth Date February 16, 1989
Occupation Actress, Singer
Years Active 1994 to Present





  • When I was 14 or 15, I was a really good volleyball player, so I thought, 'Well, maybe I'll just get a scholarship to an Ivy League school through volleyball.' Then I quit when I decided to focus on theater.
  • If you don't like something, talk about something else that's great and maybe someone else will discover it and think it's great too.
  • I get way too much happiness from good food.
  • The tabloids create their own stories about people's lives that don't exist.
  • I've always had a complex about being taken seriously.
  • I would love to date a chef. I'd probably get really fat, but I don't care.
  • I really actually enjoy auditioning.
  • I never wanted anyone to think that I would use my family name to get me anywhere.
  • It's interesting to watch myself with an audience; I'm trying hard to learn from it.
  • I'm the curvy one of the family.
  • I'm terrified of improv. Improv in a show or in front of an audience sounds terrifying.
  • I think a lot of films do themselves a disfavor by putting in way too much information, and everyone knows what's gonna happen next, and no one can actually discover things as they go.
  • What keeps you confident in a healthy way is knowing that everyone else around you is going to support you and teach you and you're going to learn from them. I just feel open to learning from people.
  • I was embarrassed that I even wanted to become an actress because coming from L.A., with two older sisters in the business and a mom who had been a ballet dancer, it was such a cliche.

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