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Elvira: Mistress of the Dark
Elvira Mistress of the Dark
Directed By James Signorelli
Written By Cassandra Peterson, Sam Egan, John Paragon
Cast Cassandra Peterson, Ira Heiden, Edie McClurg
Produced By Eric Gardner, Mark Pierson
Film Editing By Battle Davis
Cinematography By Hanania Bier
Music By James B. Campbell

NBC Productions


United States



Release Date

September 30, 1988


96 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

New World Pictures, 20th Century Fox

Budget $7,500,000
Gross $5,596,267


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  • Cassandra Peterson as Elvira and Aunt Morgana Talbot
  • W. Morgan Sheppard as Great-Uncle Vincent Talbot
  • Daniel Greene as Bob Redding
  • Susan Kellerman as Patty
  • Edie McClurg as Chastity Pariah
  • Kurt Fuller as Mr. Glotter
  • Jeff Conaway as Travis
  • William Duell as Lesley Meeker
  • Pat Crawford Brown as Mrs. Meeker
  • Ellen Dunning as Robin Meeker
  • Ira Heiden as Bo
  • Lee McLaughlin as Earl Hooter
  • Charles Woolf as Manny




Elvira Mistress of the Dark (1988) - Teaser Trailer01:02

Elvira Mistress of the Dark (1988) - Teaser Trailer

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