The Emerald Forest
The Emerald Forest
Directed By John Boorman
Written By Rospo Pallenberg
Cast Charley Boorman, Dira Paes, Powers Boothe, Meg Foster
Produced By John Boorman, Edgar Gross, Michael Dryhurst
Cinematography By Philippe Rousselot
Music By Brian Gascoigne, Junior Homrich

United Kingdom


English, Portuguese

Release Date

July 5, 1985


110 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Embassy Pictures

Gross $24,468,550



  • Powers Boothe as Bill Markham
  • Meg Foster as Jean Markham
  • Yara Vaneau as Young Heather Markham
  • William Rodriguez as Young Tommy Markham
  • Ruy Polanah as Chief Wanadi
  • Charley Boorman as Tomme
  • Dira Paes as Kachiri
  • Eduardo Conde as Werner
  • Peter Marinker as Perreira
  • Mario Borges as Costa
  • Estee Chandler as Heather Markham



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