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Enter the Phoenix
Enter the Phoenix
Directed By Stephen Fung
Written By Stephen Fung
Screenplay By Stephen Fung, Law Yiu-Fai, Helen To
Cast Eason Chan, Daniel Wu, Karen Mok, Stephen Fung, Brian Lee
Produced By Willie Chan, Jackie Chan, Solon So
Film Editing By Curran Pang
Cinematography By Poon Hang-Sang, Chow Lin-Yau

Hong Kong



Release Date

April 8, 2004


104 Minutes

Distributed By

JCE Movies Limited



  • Eason Chan as Sam
  • Daniel Wu as Georgie Hung Chi Kit
  • Karen Mok as Julie Lui
  • Law Kar-ying as Master 8, Cheung, Father Fight
  • Stephen Fung as Cheng Chow
  • Yuen Biao as Georgie Hung's Father
  • Nicholas Tse as Cock Head
  • Jackie Chan as Mr. Chan
  • Brian Lee as David
  • Michael Chan as Lui the Gang Leader
  • Philip Ng as Bo
  • Chapman To as Kin
  • Sam Lee as Gay Man
  • Sammi Cheng as Head Restaurant Manager
  • Hayama Go as Max Cheung
  • Chan Wai-Man as Lui
  • Lee Lik-Chi as Ma Leung
  • Glen Chin as Fat Ox
  • Maggie Lau as Breeze
  • Koey Wong as Precious
  • Tenky Kai Man Tin as Assassin
  • Courtney Wu as Mr. Ho
  • Ankee Leung as Kin's Thug
  • Sam Hoh as Chow's Thug



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