General Information

Gender Female
Birthday Unknown
Race Human
TV Show Xena: Warrior Princess
Credit Danielle Cormack


Ephiny is a supporting character in the TV show Xena:Warrior Princess. She is an Amazon warrior and is close friends with Gabrielle.


Ehpiny is a loyal Amazon warrior and first met Xena and Gabrielle when the patrol she was in was attacked by unknown assailants. Gabrielle put her life on the line to try and save the Amazon princess, Terreis. Ephiny witnessed this and Gabrielle inheriting the Right of Caste from Terreis which gave her the right to be Amazon princess. She opposed the ambitious Amazon, Velasca, who only wanted power for her own selfish ends. She used to be very suspicious of Centaurs and regarded them as the enemy but would eventually treat them as friends and even marry one of them. She has a Centaur son that she named after Xena. He is called Xenan.

Major Plots

Personality and Traits

She is a very capable warrior and is very loyal to Gabrielle even if it means opposing Xena. Gabrielle holds in her high regard and has confided in her on occasion. She serves as Amazon Queen for the tribe in Gabrielle's absence. She prefers to attack from a position of stealth but doesn't hesitate to engage in full-on combat when necessary. She will do whatever it takes to ensure that the Amazons and their way of life perseveres, even if that means at the expense of her own life.



Appearances in Xena: Warrior Princess

1.10 Hooves and Harlots
1.24 Is There a Doctor in The House?

2.13 The Quest
2.14 A Necessary Evil

3.11 Maternal Instincts
3.12 The Bitter Suite

4.20 Endgame

6.17 Last of the Centaurs