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{{infobox episode
 | title       = 
 | season      = 
 | number      = 
 | image       = filename.jpg
 | imagewidth  = 210
 | series      = name of TV Show
 | airdate     = MM DD YYYY
 | writer      = 
 | director    = 
 | previous    = [[name of episode page|name of episode]]
 | next        = [[name of episode page|name of episode]]
 | guide       = name of TV Show page #Season integer| name of TV Show
==Plot Summary==

++List the cast for this episode in bullet form.
Link the person/character's name to its page on the wiki.
Only important actors/characters matter in this regard.++

++Give details of behind-the-scenes events relevant to this episode here.++

++Put interesting and little known facts in this section. Pop culture references, etc.++

++Funny or important quotes or verbage here in bullet form.
Use quotation " " marks and italics and also add in the speaker or speakers names plus link to their page on the wiki (if they have one).++

==External Links==
++Provide links to an equivalent page on other sites such as IMDb here.
See the Style Guide linked under Wiki Tools in the navigation bar above 
for more details.++
  • Copy/paste the block of code above into a new empty page.
  • Make sure you are pasting it into either the Source Tab of the Classic Editor or that you have selected Source Editor from the Newer Visual Editor interface menu.
  • The image field in the infobox should point to an image relevant to this episode, usually a screengrab of a pertinent scene.
  • The guide field functions as a link back to the relevant season contained in the Episode Guide section on the TV Show's main page. Example - Xena: Warrior Princess (1995)#Season 2
Visual Editor-Source Editor

Finding the Source Editor in the newer Visual Editor Interface

This will give you a basic episode page from which you can start to fill in the blanks. If the page is published without making any changes first it will look something like the image below.

Episode Page Example

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