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Gender Female
Race Human
TV Show Xena: Warrior Princess
Credit Adrienne Wilkinson


Eve is a recurring character from the TV Show Xena: Warrior Princess. Eve is Xena's daughter and her life was in danger before she was even born.


Xena 5.20

5.20 Livia - Livia, commander and champion of Rome, is congratulated by Ares for becoming the Emperor's official successor

The evil shamaness, Alti, attempted to suck all her life force to increase her own power. The Fates made a prophecy that Eve would bring about the downfall of the Olympian Gods. This propelled the Gods into a campaign of hunting her down as a baby in order to kill her. To keep her safe from the Gods, Xena faked her own death and Eve came into the care of Xena's ally Octavius, Emperor of Rome.

Major Plots

She would spend the next twenty five years living in Rome before she would see her mother again. In the meantime, she became a brutal Roman commander and champion with Ares, God of War, as her mentor and lover. She was known as Livia, Bitch of Rome. She had just become the official successor to Octavius and was due to marry him, when Xena reappeared in her life. With the help of Eli, Xena made her realise that what she was doing was wrong and that she could do good in the world. She discarded her old life as Livia and adopted the Way of Love. She is now known as Eve, The Messenger of Eli and has also been dubbed The Bringer of Twilight. Twilight refers to the end of the Olympian Gods.

Personality and Traits

Eve used to be a brutal Roman commander that slaughtered many innocent people but she discarded that way of life and became very remorseful of her evil deeds. She is now a very loving and forgiving person and follows Eli's teachings to help her on the path of redemption and to spread peace and love to others.



Appearances in Xena: Warrior Princess

5.20 Livia
5.21 Eve
5.22 Motherhood

6.1 Coming Home
6.2 The Haunting of Amphipolis
6.3 Heart of Darkness
6.4 Who's Gurkhan?
6.12 The God You Know
6.13 You Are There
6.14 Path of Vengeance
6.16 Send in the Clones (archive footage)

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