Extreme Movie
Extreme Movie
Directed By Adam J. Epstein, Andy Jacobsen
Written By Andy Samberg, Will Forte, Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone
Cast Michael Cera, Frankie Muniz, Ryan Pinkston, Kevin Hart
Produced By Warren Zide
Film Editing By Bruce Green
Cinematography By Eric Haase
Music By Todd Bozung

United States



Release Date

December 5, 2008


75 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Dimension Extreme, Dimension Films

Budget $1,200,000



  • Ryan Pinkston as Mike
  • Michael Cera as Fred
  • Frankie Muniz as Chuck
  • Rob Pinkston as Griffin
  • Ben Feldman as Len
  • Kevin Hart as Barry
  • Jermaine Williams as Leon
  • Rheagan Wallace as Jessica
  • Andy Milonakis as Justin
  • John P. Farley as Mr. Matthews
  • Cherilyn Wilson as Stacy
  • Rich Ceraulo as Angus
  • Heather Hogan as Kat
  • Vanessa Lee Chester as Charlotte
  • Hank Harris as Ronny
  • Jamie Kennedy as Mateus
  • Danneel Harris as Melissa
  • Danny Ehrhardt as Biff
  • Denise Boutte as New Tabitha
  • Jeremy Suarez as R.J.
  • Kyle Howard as Drunk Girl's Boyfriend
  • Matthew Lillard as Himself
  • Jake Sandvig as Hank
  • Nicholas D'Agosto as Evan
  • Steven Christopher Parker as Doug
  • Marcus T. Paulk as Wyatt
  • Joanna Garcia as Sweetie Pie
  • Ma'tay Williams as Cortez
  • Beverley Mitchell as Sue
  • Vanessa Lengies as Carla
  • Ashley Schneider as Betty
  • Ed Trotta as Abraham Lincoln
  • Kyle Gass as Porn Director
  • Dan Finnerty as Gigundocock
  • Christina De Rosa as Pornstar Nancy
  • Cristin Michele as Pornstar Jackie
  • Bobbi Sue Luther as Gabriela



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