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The Fantastic Four
The Fantastic Four 1994
Part Muscle. Part Elastic. Part Fire. Part Invisible. Together, it's Clobberin' Time!
Directed By Oley Sassone
Screenplay By Craig J. Nevius, Kevin Rock
Cast Alex Hyde-White, Rebecca Staab, Michael Bailey Smith
Produced By Steven Rabiner
Executive Producer Roger Corman, Glenn Garland, Bernd Eichinger, Jan Kikumoto
Film Editing By Glenn Garland
Cinematography By Mark Parry
Music By David Wurst, Eric Wurst

Constantin Film Produktion


United States



Release Date

Never officially released, but bootlegs are available.


89 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

New Horizons

Budget $1,000,000



  • Alex Hyde-White as Mister Fantastic
  • Jay Underwood as Human Torch
  • Rebecca Staab as Invisible Woman
  • Michael Bailey Smith as Ben Grimm
  • Carl Ciarfalio as the Thing
  • Joseph Culp as Dr. Doom
  • Kat Green as Alicia Masters
  • Phillip Van Dyke as Young Johnny
  • Mercedes McNab as Young Sue
  • Ian Trigger as Jeweler
  • George Gaynes as Professor
  • Chuck Butto as Weasel
  • Annie Gagen as Mrs. Storm
  • Howard Shangraw as Kragstadt
  • David Keith Miller as Trigorin
  • Robert Alan Beuth as Dr. Hauptman
  • Sandra Albornoz as Electra
  • Michele Brown as Lyja




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