Firebreather 2010
Directed By Peter Chung
Written By Jim Krieg
Cast Jesse Head, Reed Diamond, Dana Delany, Amy Davidson
Produced By Carrie Wilksen
Film Editing By Peter Tomaszewicz
Music By Toby Chu

Cartoon Network Studios


United States



Release Date

November 24, 2010


97 Minutes


Sixteen years ago, there was a terrible war between humanity and the giant monsters. Margaret Rosenblatt was captured by the giant dragon Belloc. Unlike those old fairy tales where the beautiful damsel is rescued by a heroic knight and they fall hopelessly in love and live happily ever after, Belloc himself fell in love with her and their union produced Duncan; a hybrid human and dragon.

Now a teenager, Duncan feels incredibly alienated from his peers due to the fact that he had orange skin and eats coal. Even as he's struggling to fit into a new school and the heart of the most popular girl in school, Jenna; his long absent father abruptly re-enters his life.

Belloc wants Duncan to become his heir and successor to his throne but demands he give up his ties to humanity. Duncan refuses and several of Belloc's rivals scent weakness in him and his heir.

Now Duncan finds himself fighting his father and his father's enemies for the sake of his humanity. But will it take a monster to fight a monster ... or is Duncan's humanity strong enough to seize victory?


  • Jesse Head as Duncan Rosenblatt
  • Dana Delany as Margaret Rosenblatt
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Belloc
  • Reed Diamond as "Blitz" Barnes
  • Amy Davidson as Jenna Shwartzendruber
  • Tia Texada as Isabel Vasques
  • Dante Basco as Kenny Rogers
  • Josh Keaton as Troy Adams
  • Grey DeLisle as Ms. Julia Dreakford
  • Billy Evans as Steve
  • Jameson Moss as Big Rob
  • Nicole Sullivan as Dr. Alexandrine Pytel
  • Tom Tartamella as Whitey
  • Gary Anthony Williams as Principal Dave




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