Directed By John Duigan
Written By John Duigan
Cast Noah Taylor, Thandie Newton, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts
Produced By Terry Hayes, George Miller, Doug Mitchell, Barbara Gibbs
Film Editing By Robert Gibson
Cinematography By Geoff Burton
Music By James D'Arcy

Kennedy Miller





Release Date

March 21, 1991


99 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

The Samuel Goldwyn Company, Warner Bros.



  • Noah Taylor as Danny Embling
  • Thandie Newton as Thandiwe Adjewa
  • Nicole Kidman as Nicola
  • Bartholomew Rose as 'Gilby' Fryer
  • Felix Nobis as Jock Blair
  • Josh Picker as 'Backa' Bourke
  • Kiri Paramore as 'Slag' Green
  • Marc Aden Gray as Christopher Laidlaw
  • Gregg Palmer as Colin Proudfoot
  • Joshua Marshall as 'Cheddar' Fedderson
  • David Wieland as 'Possum' Piper
  • Craig Black as 'Pup' Pierdon
  • Les Hill as Greg Gilmore
  • Jeff Truman as Mr. Morris Cutts
  • Marshall Napier as Mr. Rupert Elloitt
  • John Dicks as Rev. Consti Nicholson
  • Kym Wilson as Melissa Miles
  • Naomi Watts as Janet Odgers
  • Lisa Spinadel as Barbara Howe
  • Francesca Raft as Fiona Spry
  • Louise Hannan as Theresa Bradley
  • Danielle Lyttleton as Jean Thomas
  • Jacqui Fifer as Stacey Burt
  • Maggie Blinco as Miss Guinevere MacReady
  • Jane Harders as Miss Sylvia Anderson
  • Malcolm Robertson as Bruce Embling
  • Judi Farr as Shella Embling
  • Michael Anthony Williams as Sonny Liston
  • Kurt Frey as Jean-Paul Sartre



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