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Flirting Scholar
Flirting Scholar
Directed By Stephen Chow, Lee Lik-Chi
Written By Vincent Kok, Lee Lik-Chi, Wen-Qiang Chen
Cast Stephen Chow, Gong Li, Bryan Leung, Cheng Pei-pei
Produced By Stephen Shiu
Film Editing By Ma Chung-Yiu
Cinematography By David Chung, Peter Ngor
Music By William Hu

Win's Movie Production Ltd.


Hong Kong



Release Date

July 1, 1993


102 Minutes



  • Stephen Chow as Tong Pak-Fu
  • Gong Li as Chow Heung
  • Natalis Chan as Chuck Chi-Shan
  • Bryan Leung as Mo Chong-Yuen
  • Cheng Pei-pei as Madame Wah
  • Gordon Liu as Evil Scholar
  • Francis Ng as Member of The Four Scholars
  • Vincent Kok as Tu Chuen-Chang
  • Peter Lai as Teacher
  • Lam Wai as King Ning
  • Carol Wan as Tung Heung
  • Gabriel Wong as Wah-Man
  • Wong Jim as Chancellor Wah
  • Yuen King-Tan as Shek-Lau
  • Mimi Zhu as Chissy



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