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Flirting with Forty
Flirting with Forty
Directed By Mikael Salomon
Written By Julia Dahl
Cast Heather Locklear, Robert Buckley, Vanessa Williams
Produced By Lynn Raynor
Film Editing By Scott Vickrey
Cinematography By Jon Joffin
Music By Jeff Beal

PeaceOut Productions, Von Zerneck Sertner Films, Nomadic Pictures, Sony Pictures Television, Lifetime Television, Island Film Group, Marvista Entertainment, Mukerjee-Brown Productions




English, French

Release Date

December 6, 2008


87 Minutes

Distributed By

Lifetime Network, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment



  • Heather Locklear as Jackie Laurens
  • Robert Buckley as Kyle Hamilton
  • Vanessa Williams as Kristine
  • Cameron Bancroft as Daniel Laurens
  • Sam Duke as Will Laurens
  • Anne Hawthorne as Clare
  • Chelah Horsdal as Anne
  • Stefanie von Pfetten as Nicole
  • Jamie Bloch as Jessica
  • Ted Whittall as Dr. Sonnet
  • Christy Greene as Melinda
  • Tracy Trueman as Sabrina
  • Katie Westman as Lisa



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