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General Information

Gender Female
Birthday Unknown
Race Human
TV Show Xena: Warrior Princess
Film Hercules and Xena - The Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus
Credit Renee O'Connor


Gabrielle is a leading character in the TV Show Xena: Warrior Princess. She is an innocent but quick-witted farm girl when she first meets Xena. She eventually becomes a Warrior Bard and Amazon Queen but is always guided by her compassion for life and her great friendship with Xena.


Gabrielle came from the village of Potidaea in ancient Greece. She lived on the family farm with her parents Herodatus and Hercuba and her sister Lila She always dreamed of leaving to explore the world and go on grand adventures. While Draco the Warlord terrorised her village, she saw a mysterious warrior woman intervene and save her village from his tyranny. Gabrielle was awestruck by this woman and introduced herself. She discovered the warrior woman's name to be Xena and is keen to find out more. She decided to sneak away from home and follow Xena. She was inspired by Xena's adventurous ways and eventually persuaded Xena to let her tag along. They gradually formed a very strong friendship. They went on many adventures together - some funny, some dark and dramatic, and some downright bizarre. Gabrielle started out as a naive farm girl but gradually developed into a Warrior Bard and Amazon Queen. She learnt to use a variety of weapons to defend herself with. With the help of the Amazons she first learned how to use a fighting staff. Much later on she would switch to using a pair of sais (a dagger-like weapon of Japanese origin) as her weapon of choice.

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Personality and Traits

Gabrielle (1)

Gabrielle protests Xena's innocence (Episode 1.6 The Reckoning).

Gabrielle is a young woman with a lot of heart and and will always try to talk her way out of any situation. She only fights when there is no other choice - to defend herself, to save her friends, to help those in need. Her compassion ultimately helps to keep Xena on the path of good. Without Gabrielle, Xena would probably stray back into her dark ways. She loves to tell stories and becomes a Bard. She chronicles Xena's adventures onto parchments that would become known as the Xena Scrolls. She admires Xena and would lay down her life for her without hesitation.



  • I just thought of something. You’re a warrior princess and I’m an Amazon princess. That is going to make such a great story.