Getting There
Getting There
Directed By Steve Purcell
Written By Michael Swerdlick, Kate Ah Shay
Cast Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen, Billy Aaron Brown
Produced By Neil Steinberg, Natan Zahavi
Film Editing By Sherwood Jones
Music By Steve Porcaro

United States



Release Date

June 11, 2002


85 Minutes

Rating G
Distributed By

Warner Bros.



  • Ashley Olsen as Taylor Hunter
  • Mary-Kate Olsen as Kylie Hunter
  • Billy Aaron Brown as Danny
  • Heather Lindell as Jenn
  • Jeff D'Agostino as Joshua
  • Talon Ellithorpe as Sam
  • Holly Towne as Lyndi
  • Alexandra Picatto as Charly
  • Janet Gunn as Pam Hunter
  • William Bumiller as Gary Hunter
  • Jason Benesh as Alexander
  • Ricki Lopez as Juan
  • Shelley Malil as Raj
  • Marcus Smythe as Mr. Simms
  • Cheyenne Wilbur as Male Proctor
  • Deborah Hinderstein as Female Instructor
  • James Kiriyama Lem as Male Instructor
  • Chene Lawson as Ticket Clerk
  • Tracy Arbuckle as Diane
  • Sterling Rice as Young Female Tourist



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