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The Ghost Breakers
The Ghost Breakers
Directed By George Marshall
Written By Walter DeLeon
Cast Paulette Goddard, Bob Hope, Richard Carlson, Paul Lukas
Produced By Arthur Hornblow, Jr.
Film Editing By Ellsworth Hoagland
Cinematography By Charles B. Lang
Music By Ernst Toch

United States



Release Date

June 21, 1940


83 Minutes

Distributed By

Paramount Pictures



  • Bob Hope as Larry Lawrence
  • Paulette Goddard as Mary Carter
  • Richard Carlson as Geoff Montgomery
  • Paul Lukas as Parada
  • Willie Best as Alex
  • Pedro de Cordoba as Havez
  • Virginia Brissac as Mother Zombie
  • Noble Johnson as The Zombie
  • Anthony Quinn as Ramon Mederes
  • Tom Dugan as Raspy Kelly
  • Paul Fix as Frenchy Duval
  • Lloyd Corrigan as Martin



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