Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai
Ghost Dog The Way of the Samurai
Directed By Jim Jarmusch
Written By Jim Jarmusch
Cast Forest Whitaker, Henry Silva, Camille Winbush, Victor Argo
Produced By Jim Jarmusch
Film Editing By Jay Rabinowitz
Cinematography By Robby Muller
Music By RZA

United States



Release Date

May 18, 1999


116 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Artisan Entertainment

Budget $2,000,000
Gross $9,380,473



  • Forest Whitaker as Ghost Dog
  • John Tormey as Louie
  • Henry Silva as Ray Vargo
  • Cliff Gorman as Sonny Valerio
  • Isaach De Bankole as Raymond
  • Camille Winbush as Pearline
  • Tricia Vessey as Louise Vargo
  • Gene Ruffini as Old Consigliere
  • Frank Minucci as Big Angie
  • Richard Portnow as Handsome Frank
  • Frank Adonis as Valerio's Bodyguard
  • Victor Argo as Vinny
  • Kenny Guay as Boy in Window
  • Vince Viverito as Johnny Morini
  • Dennis Liu as Chinese Restaurant Owner
  • Rza as Samurai in Camouflage
  • Gary Farmer as Nobody
  • Shi Yan Ming as Kung-Fu Master



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