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Ghost World
Ghost World
Accentuate the negative.

They're high school graduates, and the world's got hell to pay!

Directed By Terry Zwigoff
Screenplay By Daniel Clowes, Terry Zwigoff
Cast Scarlett Johansson, Thora Birch, Steve Buscemi
Produced By Lianne Halfon, Russell Smith, John Malkovich
Film Editing By Michael R. Miller, Carole Kravetz
Cinematography By Affonso Beato
Music By David Kitay

Granada Film, Capitol Films, Jersey Shore, Mr. Mudd Productions


United States



Release Date

July 20, 2001


111 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

United Artists

Budget $7,000,000
Gross $8,761,393



  • Thora Birch as Enid Coleslaw
  • Scarlett Johansson as Rebecca Doppelmeyer
  • Steve Buscemi as Seymour
  • Brad Renfro as Josh
  • Pat Healy as John Ellis
  • Illeana Douglas as Roberta Allsworth
  • Bob Balaban as Enid's Father
  • Stacey Travis as Dana
  • Teri Garr as Maxine
  • Dave Sheridan as Doug
  • Tom McGowan as Joe
  • David Cross as Gerrold
  • Brian George as The Convenience Store Owner
  • Debra Azar as Melorra
  • Rini Bell as The Graduation Speaker
  • Ezra Buzzington as Weird Al
  • Ashley Peldon as Margaret




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