The Girl from Petrovka
The Girl from Petrovka
Directed By Robert Ellis Miller
Written By Chris Bryant, Allan Scott
Cast Goldie Hawn, Hal Holbrook, Anthony Hopkins, Anton Dolin
Produced By Richard D. Zanuck, David Brown
Cinematography By Vilmos Zsigmond
Music By Henry Mancini

United States



Release Date

August 22, 1974


103 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

Universal Pictures



  • Goldie Hawn as Oktyabrina
  • Hal Holbrook as Joe
  • Anthony Hopkins as Kostya
  • Gregoire Aslan as Minister
  • Anton Dolin as Ignatievitch
  • Bruno Wintzell as Alexander
  • Zoran Andric as Leonid
  • Hanna Hertelendy as Judge
  • Maria Sukolov as Old Crone
  • Zitto Kazann as Passport Black Marketeer
  • Inger Jensen as Helga Van Dam
  • Raymond O'Keefe as Minister's Driver
  • Richard Marner as Kremlin Press Official
  • Michael Janisch as Police Chief Valinikov
  • Harry Towb as American Reporter



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