Girlfriend from Hell
Girlfriend from Hell
Directed By Daniel M. Peterson
Written By Daniel M. Peterson
Cast Liane Alexandra Curtis, Dana Ashbrook, Anthony Barrile
Produced By Daniel M. Peterson, Alberto Lensi
Film Editing By Beth Conwell
Cinematography By Gerry Lively
Music By Michael Rapp

United States



Release Date

April 24, 1989


95 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

International Video Entertainment, August Entertainment



  • Dana Ashbrook as Chaser
  • Liane Alexandra Curtis as Maggie
  • Lezlie Deane as Diane
  • Anthony Barrile as Carl
  • James Daughton as Thomas J. Harper
  • Sarah Kaite Coughlan as Freda
  • Gerry Lively as God
  • Daphna Kastner as Nun with Gun
  • Ken Abraham as Rocco
  • Hilary Morse as Alice
  • Brad Zutaut as Teddy
  • Jack West as Hershel
  • Renee Wayne Golden as Mother Superior
  • Laura Bruneau as Sister Franks
  • Kim North as Sister Beans
  • Susan Rome as Nun with Gun
  • Jaqueline Robinson as Nun with Gun



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