Go Go Tales
Go Go Tales
Directed By Abel Ferrara
Written By Abel Ferrara
Cast Willem Dafoe, Bob Hoskins, Asia Argento, Sylvia Miles
Produced By Enrico Coletti, Massimo Cortesi
Film Editing By Fabio Nunziata
Cinematography By Fabio Cianchetti
Music By Francis Kuipers

De Negris Productions, Bellatrix, Surreel


Italy, United States



Release Date

May 23, 2007


96 Minutes

Distributed By

Eagle Entertainment

Budget $6,200,000



  • Willem Dafoe as Ray Ruby
  • Bob Hoskins as The Baron
  • Matthew Modine as Johnie Ruby
  • Asia Argento as Monroe
  • Riccardo Scamarcio as Doctor Steven
  • Sylvia Miles as Lilian Murray
  • Roy Dotrice as Jay
  • Joseph Cortese as Danny Cash
  • Burt Young as Murray
  • Stefania Rocca as Debby
  • Bianca Balti as Adrian
  • Shanyn Leigh as Dolle
  • Lou Doillon as Lola
  • Frankie Cee as Luigi
  • Anita Pallenberg as Sin
  • Andy Luotto as Stanley
  • Romina Power as Yolanda Vega
  • Julie McNiven as Madison
  • Yuliya Mayarchuk as Tania



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