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Good Dick
Good Dick
Directed By Marianna Palka
Written By Marianna Palka
Cast Marianna Palka, Tom Arnold, Jason Ritter, Martin Starr
Produced By Jennifer Dubin, Cora Olson
Film Editing By Chris Kroll
Cinematography By Andre Lascaris

United States



Release Date

October 10, 2008


86 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Gravitas Ventures, Present Pictures, Madman Entertainment



  • Marianna Palka as The Woman
  • Jason Ritter as The Man
  • Eric Edelstein as Eric
  • Mark Webber as Derek
  • Martin Starr as Simon
  • Tom Arnold as Dad
  • Jesse Garcia as Jose
  • Katherine Waterston as Katherine
  • Elisabeth Waterston as Elisabeth
  • Charles Durning as Charlie
  • Seth Gabel as Kissing Man
  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Kissing Woman



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