Good Neighbor
Good Neighbor 2001
Directed By Todd Turner
Written By Mary Grace Higgs, T.S. O'Kelly
Cast Billy Dee Williams, Tobin Bell, Danica McKellar, Polly Craig
Produced By Mary Grace Higgs, T.S. O'Kelly
Cinematography By Michael C. Stailey
Music By Don Grady


Release Date



86 Minutes

Distributed By

Creative Light Worldwide



  • Billy Dee Williams as Sgt. Paul Davidson
  • Danica McKellar as Molly Wright
  • Tobin Bell as Geoffrey Martin
  • Christine Horn as Rea Pucker
  • James Stephen Jones as Brad Farmer
  • Moe Michaels as Levi
  • Brian Bremer as Lt. Vandemeer
  • Polly Craig as Sister Maya
  • Amber Wallace as Young Molly
  • Brandon O'Dell as Danny
  • Ron Clinton Smith as Brian
  • Kelly Finley as Mother
  • Lucinda Carmichael as Amy
  • Bill Greeley as Sgt. Peter Warfield
  • Jeffrey Charlton as Bailey Parks
  • Kathy Simmons as Professor
  • Jennifer Crumbley as Carla Richardson
  • Chet Dixon as Barney
  • A.J. Jerrick as Ben
  • Hawn Sterling as Javier



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