Gotta Kick It Up!
Gotta Kick It Up
Yes We Can!
Directed By Ramon Menendez
Written By Ramon Menendez, Stu Krieger, Meghan Cole, Tom Musca, Nancy De Los Santos
Cast America Ferrera, Camille Guaty, Miguel Sandoval
Produced By Christopher Morgan
Film Editing By Nancy Richardson
Cinematography By Clark Mathis
Music By Craig Safan

United States



Release Date

July 26, 2002


78 Minutes

Rating G
Distributed By

Disney Channel



  • Camille Guaty as Daisy Salinas
  • America Ferrera as Yolanda "Yoli" Vargas
  • Jhoanna Flores as Alyssa Cortez
  • Suilma Rodriguez as Marisol
  • Sabrina Wiener as Esmeralda Reyna
  • Miguel Sandoval as Principal Zavala
  • Erik Alexander Gavica as Chuy
  • Susan Egan as Heather Bartlett
  • Elizabeth Sung as Ms. Kim
  • Gina Gallego as Mrs. Cortez
  • Gerry Del Sol as Mr. Cortez
  • Valente Rodriguez as Mr. Reyna
  • Anita Ortega as Mrs. Reyna
  • Yvonne Farrow as Lynell Elliott
  • Ulises Cuadra as Segura



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