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The Governess
The Governess
Directed By Sandra Goldbacher
Written By Sandra Goldbacher
Cast Minnie Driver, Tom Wilkinson, Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Produced By Sarah Curtis, Sally Hibbin
Film Editing By Isabelle Lorente
Cinematography By Ashley Rowe
Music By Edward Shearmur

United Kingdom



Release Date

July 31, 1998


114 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Sony Pictures Classics



  • Minnie Driver as Rosina da Silva
  • Tom Wilkinson as Charles Cavendish
  • Harriet Walter as Mrs. Cavendish
  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry Cavendish
  • Florence Hoath as Clementina Cavendish
  • Arlene Cockburn as Lily Milk
  • Emma Bird as Rebecca
  • Adam Levy as Benjamin
  • Countess Koulinskyi as Aunt Sofka
  • Raymond Brody as Litnoff
  • Olga as Leonora
  • Kendal Cramer as Young Rosina



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