Grandma's Boy
Grandma's Boy
Directed By Nicholaus Goossen
Written By Barry Wernick, Allen Covert, Nick Swardson
Cast Allen Covert, Nick Swardson, Doris Roberts, Peter Dante
Produced By Allen Covert, Adam Sandler
Film Editing By Tom Costain
Cinematography By Mark Irwin
Music By Waddy Wachtel

Happy Madison, Level 1 Entertainment


United States



Release Date

January 6, 2006


96 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Summit Entertainment, 20th Century Fox

Budget $5,000,000
Gross $6,566,277



  • Allen Covert as Alex
  • Linda Cardellini as Samantha
  • Peter Dante as Dante
  • Doris Roberts as Grandma Lilly
  • Joel Moore as J.P.
  • Shirley Jones as Grace
  • Shirley Knight as Bea
  • Kevin Nealon as Mr. Cheezle
  • Nick Swardson as Jeff
  • Jonah Hill as Barry
  • Kelvin Yu as Kane
  • Chuck Church as Dan
  • Scott Halberstadt as Bobby
  • Rob Schneider as Yuri
  • David Spade as Shiloh
  • Heidi Hawking as Milk Maid
  • Shana Hiatt as Pamela Mills
  • Kevin Nash as Mover
  • Randal Reeder as Biker
  • Jonathan Loughran as Josh
  • Katherine Ann McGregor as Mrs. K
  • Abdoulaye NGom as Dr. Shakalu
  • Evan Paley as Timmy



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