Group Sex
Group Sex
Directed By Lawrence Trilling
Written By Lawrence Trilling, Greg Grunberg
Cast Odette Yustman, Josh Cooke, Greg Grunberg, Tom Arnold
Produced By Greg Grunberg, Frank Rainone, Lawrence Trilling, Artist W. Robinson
Film Editing By Rob Seidenglanz
Cinematography By Michael D. O'Shea
Music By Sporto

GS Films


United States



Release Date

August 4, 2010


91 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Eagle Entertainment

Budget $13,000,000
Gross $38,234,230



  • Josh Cooke as Andy
  • Greg Grunberg as Jerry
  • Odette Yustman as Vanessa
  • Robert Patrick Benedict as Donny
  • Kym Whitley as Tiffany
  • Tom Arnold as Herman
  • Henry Winkler as Burton
  • Lombardo Boyar as Ramon
  • Katherine Narducci as Frannie
  • Greg Germann as Reeves
  • Kurt Fuller as Bloom
  • Lisa Lampanelli as Lisa
  • Sandra Seeling as Eva
  • Madeleine Lindley as Inga
  • Sandra Taylor as Sandy
  • Aaron Hill as Imposing Drunk Guy
  • Michael Mazzara as Ralph
  • Kirk Fox as Sex Addict #1
  • Buddy Lewis as Sex Addict #2
  • Ilya Jonathan Zaydenberg as Frat Boy with Paddle
  • Christina DeRosa as Lucy



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