The Hamiltons
The Hamiltons 2006
Directed By The Butcher Brothers
Written By The Butcher Brothers, Adam Weis
Cast Cory Knauf, Samuel Child, Mackenzie Firgens, Jena Hunt
Produced By Mitchell Altieri, Phil Flores
Film Editing By Jesse Spencer
Cinematography By Michael Maley
Music By Josh Myers

United States



Release Date

November 17, 2006


86 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Lions Gate Films



  • Cory Knauf as Francis Hamilton
  • Samuel Child as David Hamilton
  • Joseph McKelheer as Wendell Hamilton
  • Mackenzie Firgens as Darlene Hamilton
  • Rebekah Hoyle as Samantha Teal
  • Brittany Daniel as Dani Cummings
  • Al Liner as Paul Glenn
  • Jena Hunt as Kitty Davies
  • Tara Glass as Jenna Smith
  • Larry Laverty as Larry Davies
  • Joe Egender as Allen Davies
  • Nicholas Fanella as Lenny Hamilton
  • Jackie Honea as Mrs. Hamilton
  • John Krause as Mr. Hamilton
  • Nathan Parker as Hot Pants



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