Hidalgo 2004
Directed By Joe Johnston
Written By John Fusco
Cast Viggo Mortensen, Omar Sharif, Louise Lombard, J.K. Simmons, Zuleikha Robinson
Produced By Casey Silver
Film Editing By Robert Dalva
Cinematography By Shelly Johnson
Music By James Newton Howard

Touchstone Pictures


United States


English, Arabic

Release Date

March 5, 2004


136 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

Buena Vista Pictures

Gross $100,000,000
Based on $108,103,450



  • Viggo Mortensen as Frank Hopkins
  • Zuleikha Robinson as Jazira
  • Omar Sharif as Sheikh Riyadh
  • Louise Lombard as Lady Anne Davenport
  • Adam Alexi-Malle as Aziz
  • Said Taghmaoui as Prince Bin Al Reeh
  • Silas Carson as Katib
  • Harsh Nayyar as Yusef
  • J.K. Simmons as Buffalo Bill Cody
  • Adoni Maropis as Sakr
  • Victor Talmadge as Rau Rasmussen
  • Peter Mensah as Jaffa
  • Joshua Wolf Coleman as The Kurd
  • Franky Mwangi as Slave Boy
  • Floyd Red Crow Westerman as Chief Eagle Horn
  • Elizabeth Berridge as Annie Oakley
  • C. Thomas Howell as Preston Webb
  • David Midthunder as Black Coyote
  • Malcolm McDowell as Major Davenport



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