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The Hitcher
The Hitcher 2007
Directed By Dave Meyers
Screenplay By Jake Wade Wall, Eric Red, Eric Bernt
Cast Zachary Knighton, Sean Bean, Sophia Bush, Travis Schuldt
Produced By Michael Bay, Andrew Form, Brad Fuller
Film Editing By Jim May
Cinematography By James Hawkinson
Music By Steve Jablonsky

Platinum Dunes, Intrepid Pictures


United States



Release Date

January 19, 2007


86 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Rogue Pictures

Budget $10,000,000
Gross $25,399,945



  • Sean Bean as John Ryder
  • Sophia Bush as Grace Andrews
  • Zachary Knighton as Jim Halsey
  • Neal McDonough as Lieutenant Esteridge
  • Kyle Davis as Buford's Store Clerk
  • Skip O'Brien as Harlan Bremmer, Sr.
  • Travis Schuldt as Harlan Bremmer, Jr.
  • Danny Bolero as Officer Edwards
  • Lauren Cohn as Marlene
  • Yara Martinez as Beth
  • Jeffrey Hutchinson as Young Father



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