Honeysuckle Rose
Honeysuckle Rose
Directed By Jerry Schatzberg
Written By John Binder, Gustaf Molander, Carol Sobieski, Gosta Stevens, William D. Wittliff
Cast Willie Nelson, Dyan Cannon, Amy Irving, Mickey Rooney Jr.
Produced By Sydney Pollack, Gene Taft
Film Editing By Aram Avakian, Norman Gay, Marc Laub, Evan A. Lottman
Cinematography By Robby Muller
Music By Richard Baskin, Willie Nelson

United States



Release Date

July 18, 1980


119 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

Warner Bros.

Gross $17,815,212



  • Willie Nelson as Buck Bonham
  • Dyan Cannon as Viv Bonham
  • Amy Irving as Lily Ramsey
  • Slim Pickens as Garland Ramsey
  • Joey Floyd as Jamie Bonham
  • Charles Levin as Sid
  • Mickey Rooney Jr. as Cotton Roberts
  • Lane Smith as Brag
  • Pepe Serna as Rooster
  • Priscilla Pointer as Rosella Ramsey
  • Diana Scarwid as Jeanne
  • Emmylou Harris as Herself
  • Rex Ludwick as Tex
  • Mickey Raphael as Kelly
  • Grady Martin as Himself
  • Bee Spears as Bo



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