The Hottie & The Nottie
The Hottie & The Nottie
Directed By Tom Putnam
Written By Heidi Ferrer
Cast Paris Hilton, Christine Lakin, Joel David Moore, Johann Urb
Produced By Hadeel Reda, Neal Ramer, Victoria Nevinny, Myles Nestel
Film Editing By Jeff Malmberg
Cinematography By Alex Vendler
Music By David E. Russo

United States



Release Date

February 8, 2008


91 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

Summit Entertainment, Regent Releasing

Budget $9,000,000
Gross $1,596,232



  • Paris Hilton as Cristabel Abbott
  • Joel David Moore as Nate Cooper
  • Christine Lakin as June Phigg
  • Greg Wilson as Arno Blount
  • Marianne Muellerleile as Mrs. Blount
  • Johann Urb as Johann Wulrich
  • Scott Prendergast as Randy
  • Karley Scott Collins as Young Cristabel Abbott
  • Caleb Guss as Young Nate Cooper
  • Kurt Doss as Young Arno Blount
  • Alessandra Daniele as Young June Phigg
  • Adam Kulbersh as Cole Slawsen
  • Kathryn Fiore as Jane
  • Morgan Rusler as Stan
  • Ryan Alvarez as Extremely Unattractive Guy
  • Erin Cardillo as Yoga Teacher
  • Samantha Bailey as Little Girl
  • Jeremy Scott Johnson as Little Girl's Dad



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