House at the End of the Street
House at the End of the Street
Directed By Mark Tonderai
Written By Jonathan Mostow, David Loucka
Cast Jennifer Lawrence, Eva Link, Max Thieriot, Gil Bellows
Produced By Aaron Ryder, Peter Block, Ryan Kavanaugh
Film Editing By Steve Mirkovich, Karen Porter
Cinematography By Miroslaw Baszak
Music By Theo Green

FilmNation Entertainment


Canada, United States



Release Date

September 21, 2012


101 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

Relativity Media, Alliance Films

Budget $6,900,000
Gross $42,781,908



  • Jennifer Lawrence as Elissa Cassidy
  • Max Thieriot as Ryan Jacobson
  • Bobby Osborne as Young Ryan
  • Elisabeth Shue as Sarah Cassidy
  • Gil Bellows as Officer Bill Weaver
  • Eva Link as Carrie Anne
  • Nolan Gerard Funk as Tyler Reynolds
  • Allie MacDonald as Jillian
  • Jordan Hayes as Peggy Jones
  • Krista Bridges as Mary Jacobson
  • John Healy as John Jacobson
  • Grace Tucker-Duguay as Carrie Anne Jacobson
  • James Thomas as Ben Reynolds
  • Hailee Sisera as Caitlin
  • Craig Eldridge as Dan Gifford
  • Jonathan Higgins as Dr. Kohler
  • Olivier Surprenant as Jake
  • Lori Alter as Jenny Gifford
  • Joy Tanner as Bonnie Reynolds
  • Claudia Jurt as Dr. Marianna Harrison



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