How to Get Ahead in Advertising
How to Get Ahead in Advertising
Directed By Bruce Robinson
Written By Bruce Robinson
Cast Richard E. Grant, Rachel Ward, Jacqueline Tong
Produced By David Wimbury, Ray Cooper, George Harrison, Denis O'Brien
Film Editing By Alan Strachan
Cinematography By Peter Hannan
Music By Rick Wentworth, David Dundas

HandMade Films





Release Date

May 5, 1989


94 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Warner Bros., Virgin Films



  • Richard E. Grant as Denis Dimbleby Bagley
  • Rachel Ward as Julia Bagley
  • Richard Wilson as John Bristol
  • Jacqueline Tong as Penny Wheelstock
  • John Shrapnel as Psychiatrist
  • Susan Wooldridge as Monica
  • Hugh Armstrong as Harry Wax
  • Mick Ford as Richard
  • Jacqueline Pearce as Maud
  • Christopher Simon as Waiter
  • Victor Lucas as Tweedy Man
  • Dawn Keeler as Tweedy Woman
  • Kerryann White as Girl in Elevator
  • Vivienne McKone as Sullivan Bristol Receptionist
  • Gordon Gostelow as Priest
  • Pip Torrens as Jonathan
  • Tony Slattery as Basil
  • Rachel Fielding as Jennifer
  • Pauline Melville as Mrs. Wallace
  • Roddy Maude-Roxby as Dr. Gatty
  • Joanna Mays as Phillis Blokey
  • Sean Bean as Larry Frisk
  • Bruce Robinson as The Boil (voice)



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