How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog
How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog
Directed By Michael Kalesniko
Written By Michael Kalesniko
Cast Kenneth Branagh, Robin Wright, Lynn Redgrave
Produced By Michael Nozik, Nancy M. Ruff, Brad Weston
Film Editing By Pamela Martin
Cinematography By Hubert Taczanowski
Music By David Robbins

United States



Release Date

September 16, 2000 (TIFF), April 21, 2001


107 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Millennium Films, Artistic License, Starz! Movie Channel



  • Kenneth Branagh as Peter McGowen
  • Robin Wright Penn as Melanie McGowen
  • Suzi Hofrichter as Amy Walsh
  • Lynn Redgrave as Edna
  • Jared Harris as False Peter
  • Peter Riegert as Larry
  • David Krumholtz as Brian Sellars
  • Johnathon Schaech as Adam
  • Kaitlin Hopkins as Victoria
  • Suzy Joachim as Allana
  • Brett Rickaby as Janitor
  • Lucinda Jenney as Trina Walsh
  • Derek Kellock as Amy's Father
  • Stacy Hogue as Babysitter
  • Peri Gilpin as Debra Salhany



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