I Know Who Killed Me
I Know Who Killed Me
Directed By Chris Sivertson
Written By Jeff Hammond
Cast Lindsay Lohan, Julia Ormond, Brian Geraghty, Kenya Moore
Produced By Frank Mancuso Jr, David Grace
Film Editing By Lawrence Jordan
Cinematography By John R. Leonetti
Music By Joel McNeely

360 Pictures


United States



Release Date

July 27, 2007


105 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

TriStar Pictures

Budget $12,000,000
Gross $9,669,758



  • Lindsay Lohan as Aubrey Fleming and Dakota Moss
  • Julia Ormond as Susan Fleming
  • Neal McDonough as Daniel Fleming
  • Brian Geraghty as Jerrod Pointer
  • Garcelle Beauvais as Julie Bascome
  • Spencer Garrett as Agent Phil Lazarus
  • Kenya Moore as Jazmin
  • Gregory Itzin as Dr. Grehg Jameson
  • Thomas Tofel as Douglas Norquist
  • Rodney Rowland as Kenny Scaife
  • Michael Adler as Dr. Alex Dupree
  • Paula Marshall as Marnie Toland
  • Brian McNamara as Fred Toland
  • Stacy Lynn Gabel as Jennifer Toland
  • Jessica Rose as Marcia
  • Bonnie Aarons as Fat Teena
  • Jane Galloway Heitz as Nurse Irma Beck
  • Cornelia Guest as Dr. Hannah Sommerly
  • Michael Papajohn as Jacob K. and Joseph K.
  • Colleen Porch as Vicky Redfeather
  • Donovan Scott as Sheriff Leon Cardero
  • Eddie Steeples as Saeed the Prosthetic Tech
  • Shay Astar as Merribeth Hamblin
  • Debra Christofferson as Paloma Sherwood
  • Leslie Cohen as Katey Frye
  • Michelle Page as Gabrielle Sherwood
  • Dan Walters as Dennis Macbreen
  • Kaitlyn Lee Cruz as Young Aubrey and Young Dakota



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