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I Mobster
I Mobster 1958
Directed By Roger Corman
Written By Steve Fisher
Cast Steve Cochran, Lita Milan, Robert Strauss, Lili St. Cyr
Produced By Edward L. Alperson, Gene Corman

United States



Release Date

January 1959


81 Minutes

Distributed By

20th Century Fox Film Corporation, King Bee Video, VCI Home Video, Sony



  • Steve Cochran as Joe Sante
  • Lita Milan as Teresa Porter
  • Robert Strauss as Black Frankie
  • Celia Lovsky as Mrs. Sante
  • Lili St. Cyr as Herself
  • John Brinkley as Ernie Porter
  • Grant Withers as Paul Moran
  • Yvette Vickers as The Blonde
  • Frank Gerstle as District Attorney
  • Robert Shayne as Senator
  • Wally Cassell as Cherry Nose Sirago
  • Jeri Southern as Singer



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