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I Walked with a Zombie
I Walked with a Zombie
Directed By Jacques Tourneur
Written By Curt Siodmak, Ardel Wray
Cast James Ellison, Frances Dee, Tom Conway, Edith Barrett
Produced By Val Lewton
Film Editing By Mark Robson
Cinematography By J. Roy Hunt
Music By Roy Webb

United States



Release Date

March 17, 1943


69 Minutes

Distributed By

RKO Radio Pictures



  • James Ellison as Wesley Rand
  • Frances Dee as Betsy Connell
  • Tom Conway as Paul Holland
  • Edith Barrett as Mrs. Rand
  • James Bell as Dr. Maxwell
  • Christine Gordon as Jessica Holland
  • Theresa Harris as Alma
  • Sir Lancelot as Calypso Singer
  • Darby Jones as Carre-Four



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