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Illegal Aliens
Illegal Aliens
Directed By David Giancola
Written By Ben Coello
Cast Chyna, Anna Nicole Smith, Lenise Soren, Gladise Jiminez
Produced By Daniel Smith, Zorinah Juan, Mary Beth French
Film Editing By Nathan Beaman, Justin Bunnell
Cinematography By George Lyon


Release Date

May 1, 2007


96 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

MTI Home Video



  • Anna Nicole Smith as Lucy
  • Chyna as Rex
  • Lenise Soren as Cameron
  • Gladise Jiminez as Drew
  • Patrick Burleigh as Max Sperling
  • Dennis Lemoine as Ray
  • Mark 'Woody' Keppel as Vinnie
  • Michael J. Valentine as Valentine
  • John James as Big Tony



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