The Immortals
The Immortals
Directed By Brian Grant
Written By Kevin Bernhardt, Elie Samaha
Cast Eric Roberts, Joe Pantoliano, Tia Carrere, William Forsythe
Produced By Elie Samaha
Film Editing By Richard Trevor
Cinematography By Anthony B. Richmond
Music By Claude Gaudette

United States



Release Date

September 6, 1995


98 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Hallmark Home Entertainment



  • Eric Roberts as Jack
  • Joe Pantoliano as Pete Tunnell
  • Tia Carrere as Gina Walker
  • Tony Curtis as Dominic
  • Clarence Williams III as Benny Hayes
  • William Forsythe as Tim James
  • Chris Rock as Deke Anthony
  • Kevin Bernhardt as Billy Knox
  • Kieran Mulroney as Kerry DeVain
  • Brian T. Finney as George Daniels
  • Michael Paul Chan as Mifune
  • Alex Meneses as Cleopatra
  • Oleg Vidov as Junkyard Owner
  • Todd Gordon as Strip Club Owner
  • Alisa Christensen as Stripper Shooter
  • Brent Bolthouse as Dan
  • Lisa Abukusumo as Belly Dancer



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