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In the Mouth of Madness
In the Mouth of Madness
Directed By John Carpenter
Written By Michael De Luca
Cast Sam Neill, Jurgen Prochnow, Julie Carmen, David Warner
Produced By Sandy King
Film Editing By Edward A. Warschilka
Cinematography By Gary B. Kibbe
Music By John Carpenter, Jim Lang

United States



Release Date

February 3, 1995


95 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

New Line Cinema

Budget $8,000,000



  • Sam Neill as John Trent
  • Julie Carmen as Linda Styles
  • Jurgen Prochnow as Sutter Cane
  • David Warner as Dr. Wrenn
  • John Glover as Saperstein
  • Bernie Casey as Robinson
  • Peter Jason as Mr. Paul
  • Charlton Heston as Jackson Harglow
  • Frances Bay as Mrs. Pickman



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