The Incredible Shrinking Man
The Incredible Shrinking Man
Directed By Jack Arnold
Written By Richard Matheson
Cast Grant Williams, April Kent, Randy Stuart, Paul Langton
Produced By Albert Zugsmith
Film Editing By Albrecht Joseph
Cinematography By Ellis W. Carter
Music By Herman Stein, Irving Getz, Hans J. Salter


Release Date

April 1957


81 Minutes

Distributed By

Universal Studios

Budget $750,000
Gross $1,430,000



  • Grant Williams as Scott Carey
  • Randy Stuart as Louise Carey
  • April Kent as Clarice
  • Paul Langton as Charlie Carey
  • Raymond Bailey as Doctor Thomas Silver
  • William Schallert as Doctor Arthur Bramson
  • Frank J. Scannell as Barker
  • Helene Marshall as Nurse
  • Diana Darrin as Nurse
  • Billy Curtis as Midget



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