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The Incredibles
The Incredibles
Save The Day
Directed By Brad Bird
Written By Brad Bird
Cast Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, Jason Lee
Produced By John Walker
Film Editing By Stephen Schaffer
Cinematography By Patrick Lin, Janet Lucroy, Andrew Jimenez
Music By Michael Giacchino

Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios


United States



Release Date

November 5, 2004


115 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

Buena Vista Pictures

Budget $92,000,000
Gross $631,442,092




  • Craig T. Nelson as Mr. Incredible
  • Holly Hunter as Elastigirl
  • Jason Lee as Syndrome
  • Spencer Fox as The Dash
  • Sarah Vowell as Violet Parr
  • Eli Fucile as Jack-Jack Parr
  • Maeve Andrews as Jack-Jack Parr
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone
  • Elizabeth Pena as Mirage
  • Brad Bird as Edna Mode
  • Bud Luckey as Rick Dicker
  • Wallace Shawn as Gilbert Huph
  • John Ratzenberger as The Underminer
  • Dominique Louis as Bomb Voyage
  • Michael Bird as Tony Rydinger
  • Jean Sincere as Mrs. Hogenson
  • Kimberly Adair Clark as Honey Best
  • Bret Parker as Kari McKeen
  • Lou Romano as Bernie Kropp



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