Iron Fist
Iron Fist ultimate
General Information

Gender Male
Aliases Danny Rand, Daniel Rand
Age 18
Race Human
TV Show Ultimate Spider-Man (2012)
Credit Greg Cipes



Mcu ironfist-comic premiere15

Enter the Iron Fist! Marvel Premiere #15, May 1974

Iron Fist is a minor Marvel Comics superhero who first debuted in Marvel Premiere #15, published in May of 1974. Created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane; he was among a new wave of Marvel Comics characters who were heavily influenced by the pop culture of kung fu cinema including Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu, the Sons of the Tiger, and the White Tiger.

Danny Rand's father was a former citizen of the mythical city of K'un-Lun which was built on an extradimensional rift that only periodically interfaces with Earth. Stranded on Earth when K'un-Lun vanished into the other dimension decades earlier, he would make a life for himself on Earth; becoming a wealthy industrialist and marrying a beautiful wife who bore him a son, Danny. Determining that K'un-Lun was about to briefly interface with Earth once more, he decided to make a pilgrimage home with his wife and young son.

However Rand's business partner, Harold Meachum betrayed them by setting the family up to be killed in order to inherit their share of the company. Danny survived thanks to the sacrifice of his parents and was taken into K'un-Lun before its transition, swearing to avenge his father and mother.

Relentlessly training himself in the K'un-Lun martial arts, Danny would prove himself to be a remarkable prodigy and would earn the right to claim the power of the dragon, Shou-Lao the Undying in combat. Defeating Shou-Lao, Danny would plunge his fists into a burning brazier which contained the heart of the eternal dragon. This act enabled him to channel his chi into his fists turning it into a "thing unto iron" and giving him the power to unleash blows of superhuman force ... a technique known as the "Iron Fist" which is also the title of the one who defeats Shou-Lao. Shortly afterwards when K'un-Lun once more reinterfaced with Earth, Danny Rand departed to his quest to avenge his parents and kill Meachum clad in the traditional garb of the Iron Fist.

Power-man iron-fist-teamup marvelcomic50

Power Man and Iron Fist: Heroes for Hire! Power Man & Iron Fist #50, April 1978

The paranoid Meachum however had heard rumors that Danny had survived and had been taken into K'un-Lun and assembled various assassins and bodyguards to protect him but all failed against the power of the Iron Fist. Rand was cheated of his vengeance when Meachum was assassinated by others and instead found himself fighting to clear his name with the help of Colleen Wing and her friend, Misty Knight who later became his lover. He then assumed control of his father's company Rand-Meachum, Inc. and began using his martial arts skills as a superhero along the way fighting such foes as the Steel Serpent, Angar the Screamer, Master Khan, and the Corporation.

But Iron Fist finally found a foe that not even his legendary martial arts skill could defeat: his waning popularity. In 1978, in order to sustain the character; Marvel writers were prompted to team him up with another Marvel character, Luke Cage aka Power Man (who was himself influenced by the Blaxploitation genre) and was in danger of vanishing himself thanks to faltering sales in his own comic book as well. The unlikely crime-fighting partnership rescued each other from cancellation and allowed the duo to successfully continue on for almost a decade together in publication as "Power Man & Iron Fist: Heroes for Hire". When their series was finally cancelled in 1986, Iron Fist was written out altogether by appearing to have been killed.

Death however is rarely permanent in the comic book industry and Iron Fist was subsequently revived in 1991 as a semi-regular member of Marvel's stable of lesser known characters over the ensuing years. The induction of his old partner Luke Cage into the Avengers in the mid-2000's also saw Iron Fist's reemergence as a supporting guest star whose increasingly popularity with a new readership ultimately graduated into a full fledged membership of Avengers and his own solo comic book series which has greatly expanded and revamped his past history and powers by revealing that he is the latest of a distinguished lineage of heroic martial artists who have all wielded the power of the Iron Fist and served as the champions of K'un-Lun for countless generations.

Iron Fist has also been adapted over the years as a secondary or cameo character in various Marvel related TV series before starring in his own live action Netflix TV series in 2017.

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