Iron Sky
Iron Sky 2012
Get Ready, The Fourth Reich Is Here.
Directed By Timo Vuorensola
Screenplay By Michael Kalesniko, Timo Vuorensola
Cast Julia Dietze, Gotz Otto, Udo Kier, Christopher Kirby
Produced By Tero Kaukomaa, Oliver Damian, Cathy Overett, Sam Horton, James Wenban, Mark Overett, Samuli Torssonen
Film Editing By Suresh Ayyar
Cinematography By Mika Orasmaa
Music By Laibach

Energia Productions, New Holland Pictures


Finland, Germany, Australia


English, German

Release Date

April 4, 2012


93 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Finland, Polyband, E One Entertainment

Budget $7,500,000
Gross $8,135,031


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  • Julia Dietze as Renate Richter
  • Gotz Otto as Klaus Adler
  • Christopher Kirby as James Washington
  • Tilo Pruckner as Doktor Richter
  • Udo Kier as Mondfuhrer Wolfgang Kortzfleisch
  • Peta Sergeant as Vivian Wagner
  • Stephanie Paul as the President of the United States
  • Kym Jackson as Officer McLennan
  • Vivian Schneider as Brunhilde



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