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It's a Bikini World
It's a Bikini World
Directed By Stephanie Rothman
Written By Stephanie Rothman, Charles S. Swartz
Cast Deborah Walley, Tommy Kirk, Bobby Pickett, Suzie Kaye
Produced By Charles S. Swartz
Film Editing By Leo H. Shreve
Cinematography By Alan Stensvold
Music By Bob Summers, Mike Curb

United States



Release Date

April 14, 1967


86 Minutes

Distributed By

Trans American



  • Deborah Walley as Delilah Dawes
  • Tommy Kirk as Herbert Samson
  • Bobby "Boris" Pickett as Woody
  • Suzie Kaye as Pebbles
  • Jack Bernardi as Harvey Pulp
  • William O'Connell as McSnigg
  • Jim Begg as Boy
  • Lori Williams as Girl
  • Pat McGee as Cindy
  • Sid Haig as Daddy
  • The Animals as Themselves
  • The Toys as Themselves
  • The Gentrys as Themselves
  • The Castaways as Themselves



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