It's a Wonderful Life
It's a Wonderful Life
Directed By Frank Capra
Screenplay By Frank Capra, Albert Hackett, Jo Swerling, Frances Goodrich
Cast James Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore, H.B. Warner
Produced By Frank Capra
Film Editing By William Hornbeck
Cinematography By Joseph Walker
Music By Dimitri Tiomkin

Liberty Films


United States



Release Date

December 20, 1946


130 Minutes

Distributed By

RKO Radio Pictures

Budget $3,180,000
Gross $3,300,000



  • James Stewart as George Bailey
  • Donna Reed as Mary Hatch Bailey
  • Henry Travers as Clarence Odbody
  • Lionel Barrymore as Mr. Henry F. Potter
  • Thomas Mitchell as Uncle Billy Bailey
  • Beulah Bondi as Ma Bailey
  • Frank Faylen as Ernie Bishop
  • Ward Bond as Bert
  • Gloria Grahame as Violet Bick
  • H.B. Warner as Mr. Gower
  • Todd Karns as Harry Bailey
  • Samuel S. Hinds as Peter "Pop" Bailey
  • Lillian Randolph as Annie
  • Mary Treen as Cousin Tilly
  • Frank Albertson as Sam Wainwright
  • Virginia Patton as Ruth Dakin Bailey
  • Charles Williams as Cousin Eustace
  • Sarah Edwards as Mrs. Hatch
  • Harold Landon as Marty Hatch
  • William Edmunds as Giuseppe Martini
  • Argentina Brunetti as Mrs. Martini
  • Bobby Anderson as Little George Bailey
  • Ronnie Ralph as Little Sam Wainwright
  • Jean Gale as Little Mary Hatch
  • Jeanine Ann Roose as Little Violet Bick
  • George Nokes as Little Harry Bailey
  • Danny Mummert as Little Marty Hatch
  • Sheldon Leonard as Nick
  • Frank Hagney as Potter's Mute Aide
  • Charles Lane as Potter's Rent Collector
  • Jimmy Hawkins as Tommy Bailey
  • Karolyn Grimes as Zuzu Bailey
  • Larry Simms as Pete Bailey
  • Carol Coomes as Janie Bailey
  • Charles Halton as Carter
  • Joseph Granby as Angel Joseph
  • Moroni Olsen as the Senior Angel
  • Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer as Freddie
  • Ellen Corby as Miss Davis
  • Marian Carr as Jane Wainwright



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