It Conquered the World
It Conquered the World
Directed By Roger Corman
Written By Charles B. Griffith, Lou Rusoff
Cast Peter Graves, Lee Van Cleef, Beverly Garland, Sally Fraser
Produced By Roger Corman
Film Editing By Charles Gross
Cinematography By Fred E. West
Music By Ronald Stein

United States



Release Date

July 15, 1956


71 Minutes

Distributed By

American International Pictures



  • Peter Graves as Dr. Paul Nelson
  • Lee Van Cleef as Dr. Tom Anderson
  • Beverly Garland as Claire Anderson
  • Sally Fraser as Joan Nelson
  • Russ Bender as General James Pattick
  • Taggart Casey as Sheriff N.J. Shallert
  • Karen Kadler as Dr. Ellen Peters
  • Dick Miller as First Sergeant
  • Jonathan Haze as Corporal Manuel Ortiz
  • Paul Harbor as Dr. Floyd Mason
  • Charles B. Griffith as Dr. Pete Shelton
  • Thomas E. Jackson as George Haskell



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