Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer
Jack Brooks Monster Slayer
Directed By Jon Knautz
Screenplay By John Ainslie, Jon Knautz
Cast Trevor Matthews, David Fox, Robert Englund, Dean Hawes
Produced By Neil Bregman, Patrick White, Trevor Matthews
Film Editing By Matthew Brulotte
Cinematography By Joshua Allen
Music By Ryan Shore

Brookstreet Pictures, Sound Venture Productions





Release Date

October 9, 2007, July 25, 2008


85 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Anchor Bay Entertainment, Kinosmith

Budget $2,500,000



  • Robert Englund as Professor Gordon Crowley
  • Trevor Matthews as Jack Brooks, Forest Troll
  • Rachel Skarsten as Eve
  • David Fox as Old Howard
  • Daniel Kash as Counselor Silverstein
  • James A. Woods as John
  • Stefanie Drummond as Janice
  • Dean Hawes as Emmet
  • Ashley Bryant as Kristy
  • Chad Harber as Pat
  • Patrick Henry as Trevor
  • Meghanne Kessels as Suzy
  • Meg Charette as Erica
  • Kristyn Butcher as Celia
  • Andrew Butcher as Raymond
  • Simon Rainville as Slim
  • Matthew Stefiuk as Omar
  • Ariel Waller as Cindy Brooks
  • John Ross as Charles Brooks
  • Victoria Fodor as Gene Brooks
  • Derrick Damon Reeve as Cyclops
  • Evan Gilchrist as Young Jack Brooks
  • Austin MacDonald as Young Howard



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